Recent Food Explorations

We love to eat and drink and experiment with both --- separately and together. And every once in a while we just need to tell people how great something is. That's what we are doing here with recipes. We expect that these recipes will not be in cookbooks. They may be dishes that we have pioneered ourselves, or they may be recipes that others have been kind enough to share. In either case they are dishes that we make and enjoy, and they will certainly have a story behind them that brings them to life for us.


Tourtière for Christmas (JD)

  • The first time I made tourtière on my own, I was 24 years old, away from home at Christmas for the first time in my life, and incredibly homesick.(Continue)

Tim's (Real) Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.(TA)

  • Jeanne and I had the assignment of making desserts for our dinner club --- the theme: "to die for: what would you want for your last meal?" Allowing for the fact that if I knew it was my last meal I probably wouldn't be hungry, my hands-down favourite for a last meal would be mint chocolate chip ice cream. That's in theory, at least, because it's been so long since I've had really good mint chocolate chip ice cream! (Continue)

Massimo Bruno's Linguine with Oven-Roasted Tomatoes (JD)

  • Italian Supper Club at Massimo Bruno’s—that was the notation in my daytimer for Friday, April 2, 7 p.m. We really didn’t know what to expect, other than that we would be sharing an Italian meal cooked by Massimo Bruno in his studio/kitchen and we would be eating with about 20 other people, all strangers. (Continue)

April 19, 2010: Tony De Luca, Recipes from Wine Country

Recipes from Wine Country was published by Tony De Luca in 2004, while he was the executive chef of Hillebrand Estates Winery. We used to enjoy going there for meals, so the year I received this book for Christmas I was absolutely thrilled. I knew I would love exploring and experimenting my way through the recipes. (Continue)